Tea Tribe Presents: Heartform

All Ages
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A celebration of the human heart.

Featuring heart-centered art, music, spirituality.
Heart-to-heart connection activities for singles and couples.


2820 Seventh St, Berkeley, CA 94710
Large parking lot at the venue. No shuttles.

Sass N Harmony
Lavender Fields
Soulestial & Adar
Santos SOUL

Maya Light
DJ Sep

Opening Ceremony by Troy Dayton
Poetry of the Heart by Oshan Anand
Shakti Fundalini by Michaelah Ivie

Into the Heart Space by Victoria Angel Heart
Contact Improv by Alex Weinstein
Heart Sutra Experience by Chandra Easton
Sing Your Heart Song by Joana Ayala
Couples Readings by Shera Renee
Radical Intimacy by Michael Mcdonald
Poly Relationship Coaching with Allan Steiner
Open your Heart with Cacao by Madaly Love
Hearthentic RelationShift by Michaelah Ivie
Dating Coaching by Dionne Dettmer
Tarot For Your Heart by Janina Angel Bath
Cuddle Like A Pro by Victoria Angel Heart
Shibari for Somatic Attunement by Gina Longo
Non-Monogamixer hosted by Allan Steiner
Intro to the Erotic Blueprints by Ryan Brown
Dao of the Heart by Sean T Fox
Face Painting by Nikki Borodi
Conscious Cuddle Space
Ceremonial Tea Service
Wholesome Heart Food
Venus Room Connections

All classes are limited space.
First come, first served.

Love. Hearts. Sweetness.
Gifts from the Heart.
 Love Deities: Cupid, Oshun, Bes, Aphrodite, Kama, Freya, etc.
Flowing, comfy, self-loving, soft and velvety textures.
Anything with Hearts. Colors: Reds, pinks and purples.
Shoe-free: be prepared to remove your shoes.
Photo Booth by SnapYourself



7:15pm: Opening Connection Ceremony by Troy Dayton
Please join us to set a container that brings our attention to the magic of the moment we are in and the remarkable humans that we will share this evening with.

8:00pm: Lavender Fields
Listening to Lavender Fields is like playing with a box of kittens! Her captivating genre-bending live electronica experience is created as she fuses analog hardware with the innovations of electronic music guided by the intention to heal. Lavender Fields is a producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who creates ethereal portals of sonic beauty, transcending time and space. Her spellbinding performances are accompanied by her playing the keys, flute, guitar and singing. Her ultimate goal in music is to share a positive message with the world.

9:30pm: Open Heart Poetry by oshan anand
A lifelong poet and mystic, oshan hosted a weekly poetry night for 3 years at his San Francisco teahouse Om Shan Tea. Later, while serving a 7½ year prison sentence for psychedelics, Oshan designed a course on Mysticism Through Poetry, which he taught 6 times to more than one hundred inmates. Oshan will share mystical poetry to awaken the heart.

9:45pm: Shakti Fundalini by Michaelah Ivie
A linguistic mystic Oracle transmission. 

10:00pm: Sass N Harmony
The music of Sass N Harmony is imbued with mischief, minimalism & magic. With lyrics immersed in archetypes & folk-tales their vocals fly together at times angelic & feathery and other times cackling & edgy, full of tension & resolve, rhythm & playfulness. Featuring Heather Normandale (Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Bass), Maisha Lani (Guitar, Bass) and Carolyn Herlehy (Vocals, Percussion).

11:30pm: Santos S.O.U.L.
Santos S.O.U.L. (Sending Out Universal Love) is a soul singer songwriter, sound healer, Tai’Chi Sifu, and edutainer. Santos will offer soulful and poetic affirmations, acapela and acoustic guitar (participation encouraged).

12:30am: Soulestial & Adar
Live R&B, soul, jazz, funk, psychedelic. Band-leader Kevin Njikam has performed with Killah Priest of Wu-Tan Clan, Ozomotli, and Climbing Poetree, and composed music for award winning indie films. The Soulestial band will be joined by Adar on vocals.


8pm: AguaMayyim
AguaMayyim is a collaborative music project between Rose and Franky Garcia, born out of their deep love and mutual passion for the healing power of sound. Together they DJ, lead breath work and sound healing gatherings, and have produced EDM & ecstatic dance events in Santa Cruz, CA. Expect to be taken on a rhythmic, sonic journey through melodic deep bass, medicine, tribal, tropical, organic, international, afro rhythms, booty-shaking beats, and hip-hop.

10pm: Maya Light
Maya Light loves to dive into the depths of connection and expression through the unique and captivating conversation that is awakened on the dance floor. She plays as a director of the human experience, offering countless pathways and possibilities of movement through the range of diverse music she shares. Drawn to deliciously wompy, heart-bass world beats, she encourages a rich exploration with a dynamically nourishing and inspiring journey of sound.

11:20pm: dj warble
warble aka oshan anand will be weaving magical musical threads from numerous traditions into a tapestry of ancient-future sounds and rhythms. warble's infectious dance dubs will be sure to enchant your dancing feet.

Midnight: DJ Sep
DJ Sep is a long-time San Francisco Bay Area DJ and producer, and the founder of Dub Mission, one of the longest-running reggae clubs in the world (1996-2019). She spins dub, reggae, dancehall, bass, Jungle/DnB, Afrobeats, and more. Sep has spun at festivals and clubs in Spain, the U.K., Canada, Mexico, many cities in the U.S., and most clubs in the greater Bay Area, and has presented and opened for a long list of reggae and electronic artists, including Lee Perry, The Scientist, Mad Professor, Sister Nancy, Sly & Robbie, Toots and The Maytals, Mykal Rose, Mungo's Hi Fi, Adrian Sherwood, Tippa Irie, The Wailers, Quantic, Akae Beka (aka Midnite), Hollie Cook, many others.


Gong Fu Tea Service
Sit and enjoy fine teas served to you ceremonially by our charming tea servers.

9pm: Non-Monogamixer hosted by Allan Steiner
Join Conversation Lab and Bay Area Poly Happy Hour for a mid-party nonmonogamous mixer.

10pm: Open your Heart with Cacao by Madaly Love
Awaken your heart through a blissful cup of ceremonial cacao. Receive the deep wisdom and love this sacred plant medicine has to offer! Madaly Love is a curanderx, entheogenic guide, addiction recovery coach, and quantum energy healer with a mission to support you to open your heart to the universe, tap into your intuitive gifts, and heal across generations and timelines.

Midnight: Shibari for Somatic Attunement by Gina Longo
Explore how you can use just one piece of rope to create a space of deep attunement and exchange with a partner. Bring one piece of rope that is 20-40 feet long (it is helpful for the length to be proportional to the size of your partner's body). Gina has been studying rope in the US, Japan, and Europe for 8 years and finds great joy in tying, being tied, and teaching others how to connect with each other using rope as a simple but incredibly versatile tool.
Conscious Cuddle Sideroom
A safe space to explore non-sexual consensual cuddling. Read this if you plan to participate.
8pm: Cuddle Like a Pro by Victoria Angel Heart
Join this intro workshop where you can explore non-sexual touch and intimacy as you learn to cuddle like a pro, from professional cuddler Victoria Angel Heart. Learn how to ask for what you want and how to respond to requests in a safe and inclusive environment, all while snuggling up with other beautiful souls. Allow your body, heart and mind to align as you make deeper connections with others by tapping into the magic of consensual and loving touch.
9pm: Dao of the Heart: Empowering the Inner Emperor/Empress by Sean T. Fox
Daoism and Chinese Medicine know the Heart as the Palace of the Emperor and Empress wherein the clarity of Spirit resides. Join acupuncturist and Qigong teacher Sean T Fox on a Journey of movement, meditation, incantation, poetry and qigong. We will cultivate and clarify our communion with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Heart to open into greater peace, joy and connection.
8:30pm: Heart Sutra Experience by Chandra Easton
Join Chandra for a talk and experiential meditation on love and emptiness, the theme of the Heart Sutra. We will also chant the Heart Sutra mantra ༄ Tadyata Gate Gate Para Gate Parasam Gate Bodhi Swaha ༄
9pm: Contact Improv Class by Alex Weinstein
We all know the presence needed for a nourishing heart to heart conversation, but how might a heart to heart contact improv dance be made manifest. In this class we will explore how to be generous, heart attuned listeners in our dances through practices that develop a deeper sense of embodied presence. Alex Weinstein has danced and taught on four continents and has studied contact improv for over a decade, which he feels is so much more than just a dance form. He is profoundly curious about it as a practice of relational presence; and grateful that the form continues to help him see the ways he does and desires to show up in the world.
10pm: Sing Your Heart Song by Joana Ayala
What would happen if you let yourself sing the song inside your heart? Come join us for a voice workshop that explores the resonance and wisdom of the heart in a vocal community. All experience levels are welcome. Joana is a group facilitator, artist, and sound practitioner. Joana has been an active part of the Bay Area wellness and transformational experience space - holding workshops, day retreats, and online gatherings. Joana is a certified sound practitioner from the CIIS's Sound, Voice, and Music Healing Program. She creates spaces to explore sound as medicine and the healing power of the voice. As a vocal artist, she weaves melodic and fluid vocalizations in ceremonial and therapeutic settings that create an atmosphere of deep relaxation and transcendence.
11pm: Introduction to the Erotic Blueprints by Ryan Brown
In this 1 hour workshop participants will learn about the Erotic Blueprints™, created by Jaiya. The Blueprints are an easy-to-understand framework for understanding what turns you on and off and why; what is pleasurable to your body not what your mind has been conditioned to think is acceptable, correct, and normal when it comes to sex and pleasure. Part teaching, part clothed embodiment practice (solo or with a partner), and part expansion practice, participants will be presented with new possibilities and encouraged to give themselves permission to step more deeply into their erotic being.
Midnight: Hearthentic RelationShift by Michaelah Ivie
The RelationShift is an expansive space that allows couples to shift their experience out of distress and insecurity and into a healthy foundation for a fresh start. This space allows you and your partner to redesign your union through practicing positivity, understanding, respect and good will moving you toward greater intimacy and the power of a change of heart.
1am: Board and Card and Other Games
Bring your favorite games to play.
Fun & Games, Dating Coaching, Missions, Blessings, Cupid Mail
7-11pm: Couples Readings by Shera Renee
Shera Renee, Psychic Reader, Intuitive, Wise Medicine Priestess is back in the Bay from Sedona, and will be offering deep and spicy couples readings.  Wildly accurate, uplifting, and entertaining. 30+  years experience. By donation.
8-9pm: Poly Relationship Coaching with Allan Steiner
Allan has been practicing polyamorous relationships for over 10 years and hosting the Bay Area's largest non-monogamous monthly meetups for 4 years, the Oakland Poly Happy Hour and Cannabis Poly Happy Hour, and runs a calendar for Bay Area non-monogamous meetups.
7:30-10:30pm: Tarot For Your Heart by Janina Angel Bath, The Tarot Woman
See what the cards reveal to you in this heart-centered approach to divining wisdom for your higher purpose. Receive guidance on your heart's path through the world and this night! Janina, The Tarot Woman, has 16 years of professional reading experience. She has read at countless parties and events and teaches tarot workshops & classes. First come, first served.
7-9pm: Face Painting by Nikki Borodi
Nikki has been face-painting for many years and loves transforming people into animals, zombies and anything else they wish to be!
8pm: Radical Intimacy by Michael Mcdonald
A gateway to an unusual amount of intimacy with others. Step into a shared space of love, trust, and curiosity, skimming away the superficial and experience the nourishment of seeing and being seen with your fellow humans. Facilitated by Michael McDonald, transformational coach and creator of Relational Alchemy.
9pm: Dating Coaching by Dionne Dettmer
Want to find connections that ground and enliven you? Ready to break free from old and frustrating patterns in relationships? Dionne is an Intimacy Coach who guides people to face their inner demons, maximize personal growth through dating, and increase their capacity for intimacy with self and other.
10pm: Into the Heart Space by Victoria Angel Heart
Leave your mind behind and come Into The Heartspace through embodied intimacy practices that will deepen your connection with an existing partner or relate from the heart with someone new in a safe, consensual space. Victoria Angel Heart is an embodied intimacy guide, mindfulness meditation teacher and professional cuddler who supports folx to unlock their most blissful intimate lives.
11pm-2am: Board and Card and Other Games
Bring your favorite games to play.
Wholesome Heart kitchen Fare
Food: Heart Waffles, Borscht, Chili Tofu Noodles, Quinoa Salad
Drink: Aphrodesiac Hot Chocolate, Rose Soda, Tulsi Rose Tea, Cold Brew Coffee