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Fabrice Marino in collaboration with the iconic Hard On is proud to announce the return of HustlaBall to London

Saturday, December 3rd, the iconic NYC party is coming back to London after 8 years under a completely new production team

Join us for a complete takeover of Electrowerks where we gonna build up an incredible production for this one-night-only special event 

We are proud to select an incredible variety of music and bringing to London for the first time Calagna 

Calagna (they/them)  has remixed pop artists such as Lady Gaga, Yoko Ono, Ricky Martin, Akon, Audien, and Lady Antebellum, in addition to releasing numerous underground house tracks such as Moody, Nervous, Stereo, Positronic, Sollors Systems, and more. Their music has been featured on major networks, including NBC, USA, A&E, and MTV. Outside of traditional DJ life, Calagna has curated music for the prestigious Z Bar at The Peninsula Hotel Chicago and is a voting member of the Recording Academy.

To join Calagna other iconic Djs like Wayne G, Skippo, Bull Horris, Brent Nicholls, and Matt Bogard will be playing in this London Iconic Multilevel Club. 


Teddy Bryce, Aymeric DeVille, Julian Torres, Jordan Jameson, Tyler Rex, Amadeus, Liam Branagh, Aiden Tyler, Tim Gottfrid,  Danny Junior, Ricky Hard, and few more surprise  appearances,


Well not really, actually yes it will be. We have a full Octoberfest Room with a live band. The pretzels are on us! 

Do you ever custom-made a T-shirt at a party? Well, we do that too, visit our custom-made t-shirt shop inside the club!

Poppers, Jockstrap, and everything in between. We have it all! Stop by our market inside the club! 

Is that art?

Most of the production team is a regular Burning man goer. (google: burning man art"  if you never heard of it) so we decide to bring a little piece of Nevada desert with us! 

Look for weird decorations, Visual installations, and more around the club! We are carrying all that stuff from New Yorks Kids!

Is gonna be a great night! 

We still have a few tickets left so bring your friend, and lover, just leave your boyfriend at home cause you . Never bring a sandwich to a restaurant.


Invite 8 friends and your ticket become free! its called ticket fairy for a reason 

See you Saturday!


HustlaBall is a safe and welcoming space for all the colors under the LGBTQI umbrella, We celebrate differences and celebrate you


Our Vip Ticket Holder will receive the following benefit 

- Priority Entrance 

- Complimentary and priority Bag Check 

- Vip Room with dedicated bar 

- Vip Only xxx show

This event will sell out 




  1. Elliott R
  2. Alfie L
  3. Pedro C
  4. Amar A
  5. Jung Wei T
  6. Christopher M
  7. Charles Chineme N
  8. Harrison G P
  9. Brian P
  10. Yaman B
  11. Joey J
  12. Francesco M
  13. Fabian F
  14. Jameel M
  15. Master B
  16. Marwan G
  17. Freddy C
  18. Andy J
  19. Jean Pierre V
  20. Joseph K