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Easter weekend we dance all night long... !!!3 NIGHTS IN FACT!!!

#YES - DJs, Flashing lights, Swimming holes, Native bush, Coffee, Ice cream, Food, Fun...

#NO - Fires, Glass, Dogs or Anyone looking to cause trouble - the bad kind (no one needs that shit)

R18. R.O.A.R


This underground event is taking place beside one of the universes most wonderful rivers. It's bloody beautiful mate, for real.

Come and join the shenanigans as we turn it up and let it out.

It just wouldn't be the same without you!

*We recommend you get yourself some... Water, Sunscreen, Bugspray, Cash(no eftpos onsite)


We reserve the right to remove anyone disrespecting the vibe in any way. Save us the bother and just be a good cunt, look after each other and enjoy yourself, easy.

Let's go!

  1. Mikael A
  2. Marion A
  3. Josie S
  4. Kornelius B
  5. Brooke C