INFRA<()≡SPECTIVE: Back In The Day

Ages 18+
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INFRA<()≡SPECTIVE: Back In The Day feat. 


With Support from:

48sonic (Vinyl set)
Taiko (Vinyl set)

Take a step back in time with a night dedicated to the sound of old school drum and bass with a very fine selection of DJs and producers from the original golden era of 1995-2005 plus a few fresh faces with their take on the original sound. We will not be limited to a particular time period as there has been some outstanding modern production emulating that first decade, but will overall be an ode to 90s and early 2000s drum and bass. 


Infra, /ˈɪnfrə/, origin: Latin, Adverb

Below; underground; further on.

Infra-bass, /ˈɪnfrə-beɪs/, origin: Latin/English, Noun

Low frequency sound in the range 20-60Hz.

INFRA<()≡SPECTIVE is a lens through which cutting edge underground bass music will be seen and heard. This event also represents the convergence or coming together of many different forms of underground bass music and its' people.

  1. Nathan A