Infra<()≡spective: Minimalistic Technology

. Hide , Christchurch [Ages 18+]

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Infra<()≡spective presents,

Minimalistic Technology, 


Third Law (AKL)
Skelta (AKL)
Cooper (AKL)



Infra, /ˈɪnfrə/, origin: Latin, Adverb
Below; underground; further on.

Infra-bass, /ˈɪnfrə-beɪs/, origin: Latin/English, Noun
Low frequency sound in the range 20-60Hz.

Infra<()≡spective is an events series based in Auckland. Our nights are a lens through which cutting edge underground bass music will be seen and heard. Our events also represent the convergence or coming together of many different forms of underground bass music and its' various communities both in Aotearoa and beyond.

For our first foray beyond Auckland city we have a handpicked selection of New Zealand's finest minimal techstep drum & bass DJs and producers, with extra emphasis on our local production featuring Auckland's premiere minimal tech producer, Third Law and three of the South Island's best; Loom, Sym:bol & Sertave. These 4 are backed up by Auckland stalwarts Skelta and Cooper, the former Bad Techy Roller boss, who will be coming out of DnB retirement just for this night, his first DnB set in 3 years, this one is very much a Christchurch vs. Auckland affair. Joining them is RFLX, one of New Zealand's most talented and experienced live visual artists to round out what should be a night at Hide to remember.

R18, R.O.A.R.

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