Ivardensphere Mdd BrusqueTwins Creature etc [AMP prod]

All Ages
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CA$ 12.10 (incl. fees)

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  AMP Industrial Events présente / presents:

-- iVardensphere [Singularity] [live/Edmonton/Metropolis,Synthetic Sounds]
-- MDD [live / Toronto]
-- Brusque Twins [live / MTL / Visage Musique]
-- Creature [MTL / Traumatic Records, AMP]
-- Xandra Resler [Dj / MTL / choq.ca]
-- D1MA [Dj / Calgary]

Billets / Tickets: 11$ (+frais/fees)
En ligne / Online: *Bientôt disponsible / *Coming soon
Porte / Door: 15$
Vendredi le 23 novembre / Friday November 23rd, 2018
9:00 PM - 3:00 AM
Turbo Haüs
2040 Saint Denis
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Une soirée de musique Industriel*, incluant des prestations 'live' et des DJs. Produit par les événements AMP.
*Industriel, Dark Techno, Synth, EBM, Doom, Wave, Experimental, etc.
A night of Industrial* music, featuring live acts and DJ sets. Brought to you by AMP Industrial Events.
*Industrial, Dark Techno, Synth, EBM, Doom, Wave, Experimental, etc.

[Edomonton .CA]
iVardensphere is a unique quantity in the world of modern electronic music. Hailing from the unlikely locale of Edmonton Alberta, the project originally emerged from mastermind Scott Fox’s desire to explore both the heavy electronics he cut his teeth spinning in local industrial club nights, and his love of percussion from around the world. For all of its grandeur, the iVardensphere sound has proven remarkably fluid. Monolithic analogue synth bangers share space with simmering groove-based instrumental experiments, tribal industrial drum workouts and deep, textured ambiances. For all of those elements, the whole is remarkable because it feels so singular.

As will be the case in Montreal on November 23rd, iVardensphere occasionally performs solo sets, branded as iVardensphere Singularity. The focus remains on delivering a truly live experience, eschewing canned beats for legitimate performance, complete with elements of spontaneity and improvisation so that no two sets are ever truly the same. There’s no mistaking the scope and gravity of an iVardensphere track when you hear it -- a sound so exotic and unearthly, it remains intimate and unmistakable. This is iVardensphere.

[FB] https://www.facebook.com/pg/ivardensphere
[BC] https://ivardensphere.bandcamp.com/music

[Toronto .CA]
MDD is a live performance and studio project created by
Measure Divide and Dolgener.
MDD's tough industrial infused rhythms oscillate frequencies ranging from the realm of techno to noise to EBM. On the performance front, each set is an improvisation of heavy drum grooves, edgy bass lines and raw punk elements.

[FB] https://www.facebook.com/mdd.noise/
[SC] https://soundcloud.com/mdd_noise

Brusque Twins
[Montreal .CA]
Lost somewhere in the thralls of shamanic flight, Brusque Twins occasionally resurface offering up intimate pieces of themselves, giving you a brief glimpse into the fervent emotions of a mind a world away.
[BC] www.brusquetwins.bandcamp.com
[IN] https://www.instagram.com/brusquetwins/

[Montreal .CA]
Doom entity from Montreal, aka. Dj Na.
[FB] https://www.facebook.com/Na.OfficialFanPage/
[BC] https://traumatic.bandcamp.com/album/creature-vicious-things

AMP Industrial Events
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