KM 4.5 - Roman Flügel, Moses + Litos

. Papaya Playa Project , Tulum [Ages 18+]

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Welcome home to the ethereal lands that birthed KM 4.5- Tulum, Mexico. The second event in this event series takes us back to Papaya Playa Project. There, we reunite for another evening of sound and celebration within a secluded area nestled in our beach home on July 4th. The boys are back in town, and the tales of KM 4.5 continue to unfold in the name of music and connection.

KM 4.5 explores the 3-dimensional world of sound with an upcoming event series, set in the lands of San José del Cabo, Baja California, on July 3rd, and our homeland of Tulum on July 4th. This event series will be held in open-air locations, surrounded by the elements that have inspired the creation of KM 4.5.

The intention behind KM 4.5’s upcoming events is rooted in reconnection through intimate musical experiences that are within a safe environment and at a limited capacity. KM 4.5 calls to adventurers, dreamers, movers, and shakers, in the name of music and community.

In this intimate location, you’ll be taken on a journey of sound curated by seasoned producer Roman Flügel. Hailing from Germany, Roman Flügel is in many ways a founding member of the German contemporary electronic music scene since the 90’s. He is joined by the KM 4.5 resident artists and founders Litos and Moses, and together they are the divine musical triad of KM 4.5’s first aural adventure in new lands.

See you on the sand for this intimate, open-air musical experience.


Full bar + non-alcohol bar + Natural Wines

Food Pop Up by special guest

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