Knotty Rope Jam & 1st Year Anniversary Party!!

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Knotty Rope Jam

Thursday, January 19th, 7 pm - midnight
at East Bay Community Space (EBCS), Oakland

Join us on January 19th for the next Knotty Rope Jam @ EBCS! Come socialize, connect, and learn some new ties! We will be celebrating with an open rope jam and a kink art show by local bay area rope community artists. 
Don't miss the next Knotty Scouts meeting and earn a new badge for learning a new tie. We will have some community rope and will also be onsite selling rope and toys. WE WILL ALSO BE HAVING A CORSET COMPETITION!! Who is the Best in West at tying Shibari Corsets?!! Come show off your shibari skills and wrap your rope bottom in the most intricate corsets and chest ties. Corset rope models can show off their fancy attire on a run-way! Corsets will be judged on aesthetics, originality, and intricacy. 
This is a fun, play-friendly, clothing-optional event. All levels are welcome. There will be consent and safety discussions and multiple people teaching basic ties. We have numerous hard points for suspension. Light refreshments will be provided and tea will be serviced by Oshan <3. Photographers will be onsite taking artsy shibari photos. Wrist bands are available to opt out of photos.
Fundamentally, Kink is about trust. Trusting ourselves enough to surrender. Trusting our own capacity to be trustworthy. Trusting the container enough to explore taboo practices. In this short but profound exercise, we will discover and tap into a wellspring of group trust and trustworthiness, which will help make for a fucking awesome night of connection. 
Please learn more about FRIES consent before attending. FRIES stands for Freely given, Reversible, Informed, Enthusiastic, Specific.
Freely Given: Consenting is a choice one only makes without pressure, manipulation, or repeated asking (even from a partner).
Reversible: Anyone can change their mind about what they feel like doing at any time. Even if they’ve done it before, and even if they’re in the middle of it, they can say no or no more.
Informed: One can only consent to something if they understand the acts they are being asked to participate in. For example, if someone has an STI, it is only full consent if they disclose this to anyone they are having contact with, before they take a risk they are unaware of.
Enthusiastic: Consent should always be enthusiastic. If there's any doubt about whether the person is fully interested, then it's a NO. When it comes to anyone's body, everyone should only do stuff they WANT to do, not things that one feels they are expected to do.
Specific: A person saying yes to one thing doesn’t mean they’ve said yes to any others. Ask for consent prior to any escalation.
Stay sober enough to give and perceive consent. Please do not interrupt scenes in progress.
COVID safety - Please don't come if you are sick. Masks inside are welcome but optional.

Gourmet Tea Service by Oshan Anand of Tea Tribe
Free gourmet tea will be served all evening in a Chinese tea ceremony style. 
No phones and no pictures without enthusiastic consent! 

Professional photographers will be onsite taking artsy shibari photos.
Wrist bands are available to opt out of photos. Consent will be obtained prior to posting link to pics in private fb group.