. El Hoyo Tulum , TULUM [All Ages]

Entrada Brunch
Mex$ 499.40 (incl. Fees)

Sales for this event are closed.


Cocina Ancestral


On Saturday June 26th you can experience brunch in a whole other level.

Welcome to El Hoyo, a beach side restaurant in the middle of the jungle, where we will have a ritual honouring the most ancient traditions.

In this history filled land, we will burry a lamb barbecue together with fire wood and volcanic stones, just like the Mayan people did over 500 years ago.

It will cook for 24 hours.

This ancestral technique is one the first cooking methods in history and it is believed to charge the food with the earth’s magic so we can feed off its power.

You will walk into the MAYAN BRUNCH and immediately be surrounded by this tradition in the same land that saw it’s birth. The sound of the ocean, the tribal beats, the food, the sand under your feet and the jungle vibe