Men Gathering

SOUL-centre of the body and mind , Auckland [All Ages]

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Men Gathering
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I have struggled with the term 'man' and what it means. Having felt disconnected for so much of my life, I know the destructive behaviours and thoughts that accompany this sense of loss. 

I am hearing of other brothers' struggles with this, too. Disconnection kills and we are witnessing an epidemic of this in Aotearoa. And, it feels like not much is happening to get us talking. It's as if the problem feels too big, or too diverse that it is easier if it is swept under the rug.

I feel like I don't know much but I know that we didn't face the type of disconnect, pressures and emotional shut down that we face today. We used to gather. We used to feel less afraid of sharing what was real. We used to feel as though we could rely on one another. We used to know what to do when someone was struggling.

Thursday 30th May 7:30-9:30pm will be a gathering for men. A safe space for us to get out of our heads and support one another. There will be space to share without judgement and to encourage with an open mind and open heart.

Our future and our children's future depend on the actions we take today. Burdens are far lighter if shared. 

Bring a brother who could do with the support.

Franko Heke