MORNING GLORYVILLE SYDNEY - The Launch Party - Rave Your Way Into The Day!

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Morning Gloryville is an immersive musical, creative & holistic experience, rewriting the rules of both raving and fitness all around the world.

Nothing wakes you up more than a foot stompin’, soul-shaking dance to electrifying music, and for those who need it, a mind blowing double espresso!


Klue (True Vibenation, Big Village)

DJ Tricky (Return to Rio)

Person3 (Morning Gloryville Sydney)

What else can you look forward to?

  • A free wake-up massage station
  • A bunch of yogis who will make sure your limbs are stretched out for hours of dancing
  • A superfood smoothie bar with plenty to nutritious deliciousness to please body and soul
  • A coffee kiosk that will give you all the energy to go absolutely crazy on the dancefloor
  • A motivating dance team who will make you believe that there’s no point in waking if you can dance instead
  • A banging dance floor to pull all your dancing moves and exercise routines
  • the most glorious venue that will forever make you associate historical buildings with music - and a rostrum with a DJ

You don’t want to miss this… so grab your ticket and bring your smile and raving shoes!!

Arrive and leave any time between 6.30am and 10.30am

This event is all-ages. Free admission for children under 12

  1. Angie B
  2. Justine S
  3. Rookaya S
  4. Sandra S
  5. Lillian L
  6. Richard M
  7. Mirco M
  8. Jacob H
  9. Sally C
  10. Madelyn L
  11. Jonathon L
  12. Luke F
  13. Michelle O
  14. Robyn W