Mungo's Hi Fi - Queenstown

The London , Queenstown [Ages 18+]

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Wakamana presents..

The Scottish Soundsystem Champions, Mungo's Hi Fi 


Mungo’s love soundsystem culture to the core - from its Jamaican roots to raves, club and festivals.
When performing as DJs, playing on their heavyweight soundsystem, producing music, collaborating with vocalists and releasing artists on their label, Scotch Bonnet, they create a uniquely uplifting experience.
Dougie No Pain, Craigy Wonder, Breezak Bass and Tommy Danger are the Scottish collective known as Mungo’s Hi Fi.

Listen here >


Fidelity Soundsystem in the area with support from Wakamana, Jockstar + more TBA.

Hosted by Bad Boi Dubby MC


  1. George L
  2. John S
  3. Georgia A
  4. Jess P
  5. Kyle B
  6. Mateo V
  7. Ella Lila B
  8. Marshall G
  9. Claire B
  10. Mallory P
  11. Nathan D
  12. Jamie M
  13. Riki V
  14. Ross G
  15. Georgia S
  16. Sam W