Mylky + Grommie

Ages 18+
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The Drum & Bass Massive presents: Mylky + Grommie for a Double Headline show!

With Special guest: Daffron

Friday 2nd July at La Mexica

With Support from Djs:
Noizzy, Freecell and RTP

We are returning to Tauranga with Mylky and Grommie bringing the heavy bass back to the Bay!
Expect to hear DNB all night with a mixture of Mylky and Grommie's signature sounds!

Grab your Earlybirds quick while they last! as these acts sell out fast 🔥

The year is 3027.

The remainder of humanity struggles in an everlasting battle against the uprising of the machines. Conventional weapons are useless against their overpowering mechanical shells but in a dark bunker one man harnesses the frequencies of bass music and crafts the survivors' last hope. A sonic weapon to defend the defenseless.

A sound barrier so powerful that even the great towering dark-stalker machines cannot withstand it.

As the machines close in on the last bastion of hope the man is ushered into a time portal, holding with him only the codes to recreate this weapon in the past to save the future.

A ripple appears in time space. A blonde man stands alone in the britsling winds of castlecliff beach. His dial reads 2021. He has made it. But even now time is short. He must share this weapon of sound with the world before it's too late.

Mylky has come. Our last hope has arrived.


With a passion for music, she smashed into the scene, Arlen jade aka Grommie, comes kicking out of Te Awamutu, New Zealand, ready and willing to lay down big beats anywhere, anytime. For her its all about the journey and groove, no matter what genre or mood, she will be sure to have you dancing. Her passion stems from deep within. She's always ready; the question is, are you?

  1. Jarod R
  2. Sparsh J
  3. Tyler D
  4. Dylan K