. Neck Of The Woods , Auckland [Ages 18+]

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Fuzen Presents 


Neck of the Woods 

Oct 30 

Support from Dylan C and Reubix

The first show with our newest Kiwi import Alix Perez sold out so fast, and as soon as he let us know he had changed his flights and was coming much earlier, we locked in a new show!

This show will not be moved from NOTW. 


If you had one of the original tickets to the Sold Out NOTW show for Dec 4, so we are giving you first access to tickets for Oct 30 at NOTW and a promise that this show will not be moved!

You will get an email that will give access to buy the same number of tickets that you had for the original Dec 4 show.

Early access is from 8am Wed 23 Sept until 8am Thurs 24 Sept. If there are any tickets left, they will go on public sale at 8am Thurs.

  1. Vinay M
  2. Leon G
  3. Jackson E
  4. Ella P
  5. Vihingum S
  6. Stephan G
  7. Ruby S
  8. Timothy R
  9. Alesh S
  10. Kristopher B