Omnishakti Festival 2021

. Canaan Road , Takaka Hill [All Ages]

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Teen 13 - 19yrs
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Senior +65
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An earth conscious, 3 days and 2 nights expression of electronic music, ground breaking visual art, avant-garde performances and knowledge sharing workshops.

Omni: all; of all things.

Shakti: (Sanskrit) energy, ability, strength, effort, power and capability.

*All festival pass holders get free entry to all the Pre Parties - Wellington, Christchurch*

Omnishakti Festival 21 is a celebration of the energy that is creative and sustaining. A free expression of electronic music, groundbreaking visuals arts and avant-garde performances. Bringing together all humans, beings, souls, artists, performers, musicians, lovers, jesters, and everything in between to unite to dance, play, evolve, create and explore.

Situated on top of a crystal mountain in the divinely gorgeous and sunny Golden Bay region in the South Island. This is one of the oldest festival grounds in New Zealand and the best place we feel for all to experience and let go into the wonderland of Omnishakti. We welcome you in joining us for a true conscious and expressive 3 day outdoor electronic music & art festival.

Think nature, colour, smiles, laughter, movement, play - oh so much play.

Omnishakti will feature a magical psychedelic mainstage with an exquisite sound system for your listening pleasure. We also have an alternative stage for the lovers of downtempo, techno, house, chill and experimental expressions. We want you to be teleported into an oasis of beats, harmony, and melodies that will carry you away. A carefully curated artistic paradise if you will - we aim to fill the place with feasts for the eyes, engagement for the soul, and colours to satisfy all the inner children who will be joining us. Dress up, dress down, embody your inner hero and let yourself expand into that inner energy.

Our culture is of consent and acceptance. We welcome open expression of who you are. We want you to drop the masks, the mundane day to day grind. Leave it all behind and embrace the true essence of your playful nature!

Our effort is to bring all the seekers, the dreamers, adults who never quite fit in, and the wild children to harmoniously cohabitate in community while returning to deeper self inquiry, and promote a conscious intentful human existence to help save our planet.

Our Campgrounds are vast and we encourage you to create your tribe with your friends, where you choose. Compostable Toilets blocks with running water are provided.

Festival Passes include free camping and vehicle access to the campground.

Due to the global situation caused due to Covid-19, we are limiting the number of passes to 500 people. Keeping our festival an intimate experience for the entire tribe. This is the beginning of an era and you are invited to pioneer the culture of the future. together with us. See you all on the dance floor.

For more information please visit our website:

  1. Axel V
  2. Ctirad R
  3. Abbie M
  4. Martin W
  5. Theo B
  6. Zachary B
  7. Joel C
  8. Pablo K
  9. Sam A
  10. Tamsin T
  11. Anisha S
  12. Rachel E
  13. Claire D
  14. James G
  15. Ana Laura L
  16. Marie-Christin M
  17. Barbara H
  18. Jana Z
  19. Matous S
  20. Carlos G