Overwatch Gilded Gala

Saturday, 20 October 2018, 2:00pm

Here East , Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park [All Ages]

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The Overwatch Gilded Gala Presented By The London Spitfire and The Houston Outlaws is bringing the best Overwatch players in the world to London, England! Featuring Overwatch League players from both the Spitfire and Outlaws, and hosted by the one and only Stylosa, join us for an unforgettable event featuring: 

-Fun game modes, such as 1v1s and mystery heroes

-A chance to play with the pros on stage in our Pros and Joes showdown

-Raffles with incredible prizes

-Special guests

-The best Overwatch players in the world

-And much more!

Join us for an incredible evening where all things Overwatch are celebrated and don't forget to dress to the nines!




Do we need our IDs to enter the venue?

-Yes, IDs are required and your ID MUST match the name on the printed or digital copy of your ticket.

Can I purchase a ticket for a friend?

-Yes, you may purchase four tickets at one time. You must enter the friend’s full name as shown on their ID, or enter your name and later resell it to your friend’s email address for them to purchase and assign the ticket under their name in the Ticket Fairy resale system.

Can’t I just change the name on the ticket?

-Name changes are not allowed without a ticket resale. We are trying to prevent scalpers.

What if I can no longer attend?

-If you can no longer attend, there are two options available to you through The Ticket Fairy: You may email customer support to request a refund or you may resell the ticket to another person (in the waiting list or to another person via email) at face value through The Ticket Fairy system.

Will all members of both teams be there?

-The London Spitfire are planning to have all members of the roster in attendance and The Houston Outlaws will be sending 3 players at their discretion.

What game modes will this event feature?

-The Gilded Gala will feature fun custom game modes, such as 1v1's of Widowmaker or Junkrat, 3v3 mystery heroes, and more!

Is there public parking?

-The venue does not offer public parking so we recommend using public transportation to arrive. Complimentary shuttles will be provided from Stratford Station. More information can be found here: https://hereeast.com/find/directions/

  1. Will D
  2. Simon T
  3. Thomas U
  4. Nigel T
  5. Tom C
  6. Joanna L
  7. Joseph F
  8. Leon B
  9. Jordan E
  10. Charlotte F
  11. Samirah M
  12. Xinru L
  13. John-Jerome C
  14. Michael C
  15. Michael B
  16. Chris P
  17. David P
  18. Katherine M
  19. Virunee V
  20. Ryan K