PASPATOU by Parra for Cuva (Live) | Delhi

. Auro Kitchen & Bar , New Delhi [All Ages]

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Indulging in his relentless fascination for sound and harmony, Nicolas Demuth aka Parra for Cuva commenced his quest for music at a very young age. Starting with classical piano and taking stops in Jazz, Pop and Indie Music, the young artist soon developed a strong passion for electronic music that made him leave the countryside and move to big and creative Berlin. Using musical instruments, synthesizers and digital music editing, the audio designer masters the art of creating intelligent intertwined music pieces from melodies, soft beats and sounds that he records in daily life. The result can be witnessed listening to his new album 'Paspatou' - A piece full of well-mended electronica that touches the soul, somewhere between melancholy and euphoria and most of all: well beyond mainstream electronic music.

We are excited to host this humble and amazing human being for the 4th time in India at Auro Kitchen & Bar New Delhi!

Looking forward towards a dreamy dreamy night!

Much love,
Team WAVLNGTH & Gently Altered


About DNKLE:

DNKLE = D A R K (german) [DUN-CLAY]

DNKLE’s mission statement is this - to be one with darkness, one must learn to adapt to it and rise from it. DNKLE, then, is downtempo and ambient, brooding yet laid-back. DNKLE is both the poison and the panacea, the question and the answer.

DNKLE has currently been on tour around select venues that cater to his vision of expanding private Audio and Visual art experiences around the world called the Evölve Experience. Evölve has previously been hosted in Berlin, New York & Paris. These experiences cater to a limited audience who have been in close proximity of the Audio & Visual art world of the cities where the experience is hosted, along with newcomers who are welcomed to get inspired and inspire us to bring innovation to these experiences.

Alcohol Partner: Mad King 

  1. Aamir K
  2. Rahul P
  3. Lalson N
  4. Neha M
  5. Sai Siddhartha N
  6. Riya N
  7. Munmun C