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P I K N I K 


Piknik is exceptionally curated music, gastronomic culture, and cocktails.

We host a local designers market, and our dance floor unites colorful souls looking for something authentic.

We are a happy gathering bringing the freshest national and international talent, for blissful and delicious day vibes, into the night.



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Leave the dance floor and dance under the stars. Live the Jungle.
Become your own Medicine.
LUM is above all a spiritual encounter, a ritual séance for the acquisition of one’s essence, a ceremony. In a way, it's also a therapy alleviating personal sorrows and, well, by extension, mitigating the civilizational predicaments. To a certain degree, it's a course in tribal culturology. Fundamentally, it is LUM's dream.

LUM actually lived those spiritualities. More specifically, Sebastian Gandine has been for years observing how music is integrated into native cultures, identifying its social functions, acquainting himself with its principles, learning instruments, recording sounds, participating in various rites -- in the range from passage to burial -- and reinterpreting his multiple findings in the paradigm of digital technologies.




Back in the early 1990s, if you wanted to prolong a chemically-induced high, it was the custom among a certain class of clubber to rub some Tiger Balm on the temples, for an extra rush. Over the years, this practice has sadly fallen out of club fashion alongside Travel Fox, poppers and imbeciles dressing in day-glo colours. However, we are happy to report that Tigerbalm has returned, though this time in perfectly human form. We can also confidently state that listening to Tigerbalm, rather than rubbing her on your temples, will create an incredible natural high, thanks to her impeccable taste in music, her deck skills and not forgetting her always memorable method of dress.

Tigerbalm (Rose Robinson to her mum and dad) was born and raised in Herne Hill, in the badlands of south London and has been DJing professionally for ten years. She has a unique sound that gathers in African, Latin and various world influences and somehow makes them work in and alongside modern electronic music. “I’m passionate about sharing global music flavours,” she explains. “Musically, that can be anything from Italo-disco, French boogie, Afro-house, highlife, Brazilian funk or Asian-inspired edits. My favourite sounds are percussion heavy, heavily Afro-Latin, because the swing embodied in those sounds is what creates a happy dancefloor.”

Tigerbalm also makes music, too. In a previous incarnation, she was one half of Earthboogie, who were signed to the vaunted Leng label, releasing their debut LP, Human Call, in 2018, as well as a series of well-received EPs, including collaborations with Nina Miranda and Angelique Kidjo, which neatly demonstrate her love for the world musical diaspora. They were described as, “intergalactic, cosmic, tribal and terrestrial.” Hard to argue with that assessment.

Jimeno (Mexico)


We have full support from our residents JIMENO
Jimeno is a DJ, Producer and Label Founder. Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies. Jimeno’s musical spirit has been a part of him since his early days (DJing since 2009), allowing rhythms and melodies to become the protagonists in his creative life, leading him to collect rare house beats, vintage records & groovy sensations.
He has had the pleasure of playing festivals like Fusion Festival (Bachstelzen Stage) and venues like Minimuzikhol in Istanbul, Sektor 909 in Macedonia.