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The meaning behind Psyfari goes back to a time when animals lived in the now, a time when animals were silly, and fun! They didn’t just sit around all day staring at facebook. The wilderness was where they escaped to…

A place that didn’t need paved streets or mobile coverage…

A place that they could dance and play…

A place they could be themselves!

Life was simple and life was wild.

Join us for 5 days of camping, dancing, costume-wearing, workshop-participating, art-manifesting, and of course memory-creating, as we gather for Psyfari Festival 2016.

  1. Loujin M
  2. Isabelle L
  3. Lucy C
  4. Loretta C
  5. Joanne T
  6. Amir E
  7. Craig S
  8. James M
  9. James S
  10. Luke A
  11. Annabelle H
  12. Eden S
  13. Roger O
  14. Mark R
  15. Andrew G
  16. Joseph H
  17. Danielle B
  18. Ashleigh G
  19. Paul C
  20. Luka B