Queenstown Mardi Gras 2021 - Afterparties

. Yonder & World Bar , Queenstown [Ages 18+]

General Admission
Sold Out
Final Release
NZ$ 25 (excl. Fees)
World Bar
General Admission
Sold Out
Final Release
Sold Out

The parties that run all through the festivals inside the street itself! and continue on afterwards til the early hours of the morning!

Choose from 2 options for the Mardi Gras Afterparties on October 31st!

Audiology Presents:


WORLD BAR - Danny Byrd (UK), Rothman Reds, Worthy, Elisara & More

YONDER - Nyxen (AUS), Special Guests. Twofold & More

Tickets start from $29. Please choose the correct ticket type for the correct venue! :)

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