Rei - Hamilton - The Bridge Release Tour

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That dude who sings Good Mood is going on tour!

Rei is stoked (and pretty frickin’ excited) to announce his first ever nationwide tour in support of his new album ‘The Bridge’. And no it’s not one of those lame ‘tours’ that’s really just Welly and Aucks. 8 dates, 8 towns. And counting.

You’ve probably heard the first single. Feeling Good. You know who did? Heaps of people in some small country called Murrrika. It even beat some unknown wāhine called Ariana something on some Spotify chart called ‘United States Viral Chart’. Hit #1 too even. Shame Ariana. Fun Fact, most of Rei’s Spotify listeners are still in this country. And Oz. Look, a kiwi doing cool things overseas, you should like him now! Even though he’s been doing cool sh*t here for ages! Come to his shows ow.

His new single, ‘Too Cheesy’, or ‘Too Easy’ or something, can’t quite remember right now, is also getting played on some low key radio stations called ZM, Mai, Flava, Niu, and iwi stations across the country (chur). He’ll be playing this on tour fo’ sho’ (double chur).

He also mixes Māori and English (triple chur), so you can expect some bilingual goodness on this tour. Reo bombs on reo bombs. Te Reo Māori music like you’ve never heard it before, unless you’re one of Rei’s flatmates. Then you’ve definitely heard it before. Heard it through the wall at midnight when you’re trying to sleep for an early workstart the next morning (flat meeting booked for next Tuesday 7pm).

Anyway, Rei worked real hard on this album. He even lived in the bush by the studio for a while when he was finishing it. The whare in the bush had NO WIFI. So come experience some of Rei’s millennial pain as he reproduces this album in a live setting.

Oh yeah, NZ RnB legend (and all round GC) D. Love (Savage, Pieter T, Donell Lewis) is coming too, DJing, doing vocals and playing some drums. And telling jokes in exchange for drinks.

Support acts to be confirmed soon, ‘cos Rei co-runs an independent label and doesn’t have a massive team to organise tour support acts for him (Shout out Kog/Chief Sound).

Rei would love to see you there!

Chur :)