Return to the Slate Room ft. Upgrade & Crossy

Ages 18+
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This Saturday we are bringing you the very first gig back at the iconic home of Sub180, the Slate Room!

Headlined by Upgrade (UK) with special guest Crossy (UK) and a seriously stacked support line up this is not one to miss…. 🔥

Tickets go on sale Wednesday 24th March at 5pm 😎

Support From:

  • Tenze
  • Manik
  • Lamb
  • Arcadian

Introducing Upgrade (UK):

The man behind huge tunes such as Popular, Thunder and Blow (to name a few).

From the moment DJ Upgrade pressed play on a tape pack handed to him by his brother and heard drum & bass for the very first time, he was hooked. Intrigued by what he heard, Upgrade, aka Sam Smith, borrowed a version of Reason from a friend and from then on his main aim in life became clear; to make drum & bass music.

After carving out his unique sound, it’s that sound which is now starting to draw attention from producers whom he had once looked up to himself, with the likes of Hazard, Micky Finn and Nicky Blackmarket all chipping in with praise and support, no doubt seeing similarities between the start of Upgrade’s musical journey with their own illustrious ones.

Introducing Crossy (UK):

Creating an international name for himself, Crossy is a talented producer and DJ who is known for his infinite amount of dubs and unreal mixing style. The Bristol based artist is now ready to make his mark on the NZ drum and bass scene.




  1. Oli S
  2. Sophie E
  3. Ben F
  4. Bailey C
  5. Oliver R
  6. Jordan F
  7. Hugo F
  8. Briar M
  9. Leslie B
  10. Adrian Jade W
  11. Belda Z
  12. Shannon J