R&V Pool Party

. 13 , Gisborne [All Ages]

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"Two groups that struggle to fill a small room in Auckland have teamed up to try fill a swimming pool in Gisborne... great idea right?" If we are being honest this is a self indulgent opportunity to be slightly involved with R&V and my god did we jump at the chance (the rapper)

Luckily we've got some really great brands who actually know what they're doing helping us out; Booze, Booze, Simma Swimwear & anti - hangover pills (Hydrodol, fucking amazing right?) and some really great mates who can DJ Also it wouldn't be a Breakfast Klub / What We Came For colab if we didn't try throw ourselves on the line up, so we did that as well. Anyway, if you're heading to the magical land of R&V then join us at a pool to nurse your hangover and work with us on starting a new one. If you're not heading to R&V i'm completely lost at why you've read this far.

  1. Urma H
  2. Scott C
  3. Jessica M
  4. Alex M
  5. Daniel T
  6. Rubee-Leigh P
  7. Terri E
  8. Liam C
  9. Shae R