Shipwrecked City Voyage - Auckland

. Silent Studios , Auckland [Ages 18+]

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The Greatest Show On Earth NZ and Silent Studios present

⚓️ Shipwrecked City Voyage ⚓️ 
PART 1 - Auckland

Shipwrecked Music & Arts Festival 2021 was special!
The weekend was full of love, ecstatic dancers, creative minds, superb sound and outrageous outfits. Let's bring those summer festival vibes to Auckland! Shipwrecked Festival comes to the cities most infamous out-of-town venue Silent Studios. So grab you're dancing shoes and join us for a boogie. Feel free to get creative and show us your favourite festival outfit.

Herman Saiz
Logan Baker
Mia Kober

MAY 29th 2021
8pm - 4am

Address - 6 Patrick St, Onehunga
Please contact [email protected] for further info. 

  1. Isabela L
  3. Hayley V
  4. Kerry G
  5. Andrew B
  6. Michael K
  7. Chris H
  8. Tom C
  9. Helen E
  10. Kacper M
  11. Pauline T
  12. Marissa P
  13. Kale P
  14. Naomi E
  15. Kelly B