Shipwrecked Music & Arts Festival 2023

10-12 February 2023

Shipwrecked Festival , Te Arai [All Ages]

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Shipwrecked Music & Arts Festival 2023 - 10-12th February

IMPORTANT TICKET INFO! Please read before purchasing tickets.

⚓️ Ticket Explanation

Tuatara Ticket ($400) is our full festival pass for 2023. It includes access to the festival site and the campsite for the full weekend.
Saturday & Sunday Ticket (SOLD OUT) ($250) includes access to the festival site and the camp site from 8am on Saturday. You will not be allowed to enter any area before that time.
Sunday Day Ticket ($100) includes access the festival site and car park from 8am on Sunday. No access to the camp site.

Tiki Toucan, Trusty Turtle, Lucky Lizard, Super Supporter (SOLD OUT) ($280, $320, $380, $420) These tickets were sold for Shipwrecked Festival 2022 and will be valid for Shipwrecked Festival 2023. All include access to the festival site and campsite for the full weekend. Only available via resale. 

⚓️ Vehicle Passes

For every vehicle on site you will need to purchase a Vehicle Pass, either a Vehicle Parking Pass or a Vehicle Camping Pass. You will find these passes under add-ons once you've selected your ticket.
Due to major land movements on site, we have very limited vehicle passes available this year. Please ride-share with friends or join or facebook group Shipwrecked ride share to offer or find a lift with fellow sailors. This helps us and the environment.

Vehicle Parking Pass: $25. With this pass, your vehicle is allowed ONLY in the car park. Your car won't be allowed entry to the campsite. You will park your car in the car park and walk to the campsite (around 500 meters). Camping is not permitted in the car park. Feel free to bring a trolley for transporting your goods.

Vehicle Camping Pass: $50. With this pass, your vehicle - vans, cars, campers, buses and caravans - will have entry to the campsite in the allocated vehicle area. Vehicles are not allowed to be moved after being parked up. You may sleep in your vehicle and camp next to it. Please note: you can only pitch 1 tent per vehicle. If you are not sleeping in your vehicle, please purchase a Vehicle Parking Pass. You won't get access to the vehicle camping zone, if you don't have a bed set up on your vehicle.

⚓️ Kids Passes

You're welcome to bring your kids. You can find underage passes under add-ons once you've selected your ticket. If you bring your kids, you will need to care for them at all times and you will have full responsibility. To ensure they are looked after at all times, you can only purchase up to 2 underage add-ons per adult ticket. Minors (under 18s) cannot enter the festival site or campsite without a parent or legal guardian.

⚓️ Other Info

We've added a 6-week payment plan to make tickets more affordable. When using this option, please make sure you read the terms on the payment page before purchasing your ticket(s) with this plan.

By purchasing a ticket you agree to our Terms & Conditions.


  1. Kay K
  2. Brad G
  3. Seugnet T
  4. Lukas R
  5. Emma J
  6. Matt W
  7. Antoinette K
  8. Liam C
  9. Ashley M
  10. Brianna C
  11. Katie G
  12. Nadine P
  13. Daniel H
  14. Mike S
  15. Celia E
  16. Jamie M
  17. Stephan G
  18. Anna F
  19. Rafael D
  20. Lily G