Shipwrecked Music & Arts Festival 2020

. Te Arai, Te Arai

Early Bird
Sold Out
General Admission
200.00 NZ$ (excl. Fees)
Final Release
230.00 NZ$ (excl. Fees)
Vehicle Pass Only
10.00 NZ$ (excl. Fees)
Volunteer Bond
230.00 NZ$ (excl. Fees)

Shipwrecked Festival is a boutique music and arts festival brought to you with love by The Greatest Show on Earth. Nestled between three lakes in an idyllic landscape not far from the hum of Auckland, the Shipwrecked Festival site in Te Arai has been lovingly curated over the years to transform into a spectacular playground. Taking inspiration from the international festival scene, with uniquely Kiwi vibes, Shipwrecked Festival is a place to come together to celebrate and immerse ourselves into a weekend of underground music, nature, art, and life itself.


5 stages with a selection of musical genres

Visual, interactive and performance art

Swimming lake onsite

A selection of food trucks and boutique bars 

The Lucky Star Extravaganza 

Free camping onsite

Flushing toilets & hot showers

AWOP cashless payment system

Important Info

Gates open 10 AM Friday 7th February and close 8 PM Sunday 9th

If you are bringing a vehicle, including a CAR, you must purchase a vehicle pass. Available as an add-on to your festival ticket

Buses will be operating between downtown Auckland and the festival site. Departing Friday & Saturday and returning Sunday. Available as an add-on to your festival ticket

No BYO alcohol is permitted. This is a fully licenced event

We have a leave no trace policy. Please be considerate about what types of packaging you are bringing with you

No glass, please. We want to ensure our patrons are safe in bare feet

There is an extreme fire risk in the area during the summer. Please be mindful of using gas stoves, candles and other open flames. Please dispose of cigarette butts thoughtfully.

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It was a year lost at sea;

monsters, Kraken and the biggest of waves.

At last the sun hit the horizon, and land caught our gaze.

Broken, battered and left without keel,

we cast our eyes out across the meandering fields.

Tired and hungry, we paddled ashore, dreaming of thirst-quenching rum and much more.

Suddenly appearing, some shadows in the distance, we pulled out our rifles to stand in resistance.

Mateys!, they yelled, welcome ashore; the magic awaits through this old wooden door.

Turn this here handle, enter to find, an oasis of treasures that was once left behind.

  1. John D
  2. Brianna C
  3. Anje L
  4. Ryan A
  5. Michael K
  6. Ed W
  7. Marley D
  8. Patrick K
  9. Logan M
  10. Rachel T
  11. Markus K
  12. Shelley W
  13. Tanya M
  14. Megan S
  15. Aaron H
  16. Dmitry B
  17. Samantha W
  18. Benjamin P
  19. Kirstie M
  20. Jay Q