Shipwrecked Out of Season - Hidden Reef Takeover

Saturday, 2 July 2022, 8:00pm

Silent Studios , Auckland [Ages 18+]

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Silent Studios & Shipwrecked Festival present:

Shipwrecked Out of Season - Hidden Reef Stage Takeover

We celebrate the deeper sound of bass lurking in the murky depths of the Hidden Reef. If you've danced the Hidden Reef stage at Shipwrecked Festival before, you know what it's all about!

Come dressed up in your favourite salty sea winter festval outfit.






Saturday, 2nd July 2022
8pm - 4am

Address - 6 Patrick St, Onehunga

Please check the facebook event or contact [email protected] for further info.

  1. Amy P
  2. Juan G
  3. Laura R
  4. Georgia M
  5. Chris M
  6. Holly B
  7. Ignacio N
  8. Alex P
  9. Zena G
  10. Daniel A
  11. Miroslav F
  12. Emily L
  13. Omri Y
  14. Carla D
  15. Sebastian J
  16. Geoffrey H
  17. Verena M
  18. Angela P
  19. Katherine M
  20. Jerome V