Sonorous Festival 2020| By The Water

. Wynyard Pavilion , Auckland [Ages 18+]

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Wynyard Pavilion is an absolute vibe by the water and we are excited to deliver something a little different despite all the challenges we have faced.  
We will be providing multiple zones catering for all your house & techno needs with GORGE (8-Bit) just being added to the lineup. 
Despite the tough run, we are onto a good thing here, see you on June 5th! ☀️

  1. Matias E
  2. Dani V
  3. Cameron G
  4. Ingrid V
  5. Luis S
  6. Nikara T
  7. Mauricio M
  9. Isaac D
  10. Dory M
  11. Felicity D
  12. Lisa L
  13. Zoe J
  14. Dunbar S
  15. Kelly C
  16. Tania S
  17. Bruno T
  18. Ashley B
  19. Melissa S
  20. Ashan P