Sonorous Festival 2021

Ages 18+
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Auckland Anniversary long weekend
Alexandra Park Stables


The premiere one day house and techno odyssey returns in 2021 to recreate the special moments that can only be experienced at Sonorous.


Josh Butler (UK)

Kingsland Housing Project


Dick Johnson

Greg Churchill

Ange / Cam Harris / Simon Flower / Sanoi / Scarlett
Sam Lovli / Kadyn Webster / Wattsson / Junior Mach / Indicate
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After a year that’s simply too difficult to put into words, our team decided Aotearoa cannot miss its annual festival dose of house & techno.

We also decided it’s time we offer you a brand new experience at a venue that’s won the National Award for Architecture.

The premiere one day house and techno odyssey returns in 2021 to recreate the special moments that can only be experienced at Sonorous, and this time at the Alexandra Stables.


For existing ticket holders to the main event you can get your 'After party' and 'Reusable Cup' access by logging back into with the email you purchased your main event passes from, go to your Sonorous 2021 order under "My Tickets" and click "Get Add-on".

Important event information.

How the mandatory re-usable cups work:

● Buy a $5 Club-Mate NZ Cup add-on by logging back into to avoid being stuck in a queue.

● Every time you order a new beverage we will swap your cup for a fresh one

● $1 goes to our charity of choice Mentalhealthfoundationofnz

● Return your cup at any point of the event for a $2 refund, Look for the Club-Mate NZ cup station or any of the members of their team.

● $2 helps to cover the team and requirements for sterilizing the cups in-between use, so that you always get a fresh cup

● Cups must be returned to the Club-Mate NZ before you leave, they are not to be taken home.

What can’t be brought into the event:

● Alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia

● Food & beverages

● Fireworks, explosives or flares

● Laser Pointers

● Weapons or any item that could be used as a weapon

● Gang Patches or regalia

● Professional camera, video equipment or drones

● Audio recording devices for commercial purposes

● Any other dangerous item that could cause injury

● Aerosol products/cans/perfumes

● Air Horns

● Flyers, samples, giveaways o r promotional items

● Skateboards or scooters

● Sharpies, Markers or permanent pens

● Hi Vis vests or jackets that may be confused with security or event staff

● Toy guns, water guns or sling shots

● Pets – except seeing eye dogs

What can be brought into the event:

● Personal cameras & go pro devices

● Mobile phone and charger

● Sealed cigarettes and lighters

● E-Cig and vape pens (single use only)

● Ear plugs

● Eye Drops

● Fanny packs

● Gum

● Hats

Other tips and updates:

● It will be super hot during the day, but bring something to keep you warm when the sun goes down, so dress please dress accordingly and ensure you cover up in sunblock.

● There will be carparking available onsite for $5 a spot, strongly suggest you grab a car parking add-on from to avoid delays, You must have a ticket otherwise bring cash as there will be no eftpos available in the carpark, and be smart if you are planning on drinking during the event then don't be a DIC.

● We will provide shade as much as possible onsite as well as seated chill out areas should you feel the need.

● We will ensure that all food groups are covered on the day, so rest assure that what ever your dietary requirements may be, we will have you covered.

● Look after your friends and yourself.

● Site Map & Set times for both events are almost ready to share, we will post these and email everything to the ticket holders emails 48 hours before the event.

Thanks to



Club Mate

George FM


  1. Brooke S
  2. Max C
  3. Arlo E
  4. Jacob M
  5. Henry D
  6. Marley D
  7. Angela S
  8. Toby A
  9. Fraser P
  10. Natasha D
  11. Salina H
  12. Ruby S
  13. Alex C
  14. Ella K
  15. Chelsea M
  16. Dee B
  17. Maegan D
  18. Roberta C
  19. Douglas M
  20. David M