Sounds Of The Underground ft. Party Favor (Mad Decent/USA) + More

The Ferguson Bar
All Ages
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You MUST be inside the event by 12am. Due to liquor licensing and new policies surrounding the event, there will be absolutely NO exceptions to this rule.

The event starts at 9:00pm. This does not mean you show up at 11:30pm expecting to be inside by midnight. The earlier you are at the event the better. Our staff will also be able to assist you and your friends in a more tentative manner, IF you are arriving ON time.

There will be NO refunds for anyone unable to utilise these entry times.



"Twice a year 1500 people come together to participate in the North Shores most unique electronic dance music event."

Encompassing a crazy 30+ performance Artists & DJ's from New Zealand & the world, Sounds Of The Underground returns Friday 18th November 2016 to unleash another monstrous lineup across the 3 infamous zones including: The Underground Carpark, Jägermeister Tent & The Ferguson.


March 3rd headlined by international artist PARTY FAVOR signed to Diplo's label Mad Decent. Second international headliner to be announced with a very special local line up! 



Set times

Set times will be announced via the official Sounds Of The Underground event page on Thursday at 6pm click here and make sure you've clicked "GOING" to receive ALL important updates, like our Facebook page @WEMOUVE for all your extra information if you haven't already.

One way only!

As you will find on the map, arrows which help you identify the traffic flow on the evening. We will be operating a one way only system after the liquor check point in order to maximise safety and ensure we are not congesting the pathway. Please follow this system on arrival.


There are now 3 parking zones. We have introduced a 3rd zone at the south end of Massey University Carpark for those looking to escape the congestion on arrival. We recommend parking here.

Taxi & Drop Off Only:

If you are being dropped off or are planning on a taxi to or from the show, it is important that you notify your driver of the flow of traffic on arrival. We will also have our team on the ground to assist you.

Drop Off Zones!

If you are planning on being dropped off within the Carpark Zone please exit your vehicles in the Taxi & Drop Off Only or Dedicated Drop Off Zone located at the Main Entrance.

Main entrance:

The main entrance is now located at the stairwell end of the Massey University Gym. This is the ONLY entry point of the event.

Enjoy the night, but don't be a dick..

Let's be honest, WE all know the rules, WE all know right from wrong.. WE encourage a good night out, together, so if you see someone acting out, let them know (nicely) it's not cool!

There WILL be security on the night. There WILL be Police at the event. So please be mindful NOT to turn up to the event intoxicated. The University Campus is a liquor ban zone.

WE love working on these amazing shows with you all, and creating an energy that everyone can enjoy.. However it is important that WE are all on the same page at these events. Drinking responsibly and looking after those around you go hand in hand. So lets prove to the community that just because some of us are younger, does NOT mean that we are incompetent of the responsibility.

Not only does the trust of the night lie within the hands of our team behind the scenes, WE also put that same trust in YOU attending the show. Behaviour and attitude is everything. Safety is first and foremost and we need to co-operate collectively as a concord in order to continue on the WE MOUVE culture.

Remember: WE are all friends, and WE are all a part of the same "MOUVEMENT".. !

Let's make for an amazing night come Friday, and until then, feel free to pass this message on to your friends!