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Strap on your diamantes and turbo your snazzy! Star Shitty Casino is returning to the throbbing G-spot of Marrickville for one huge night of radical self-indulgence.

Featuring a sexy selection of Musicians and DJ’s, our famous shitty casino games, free beer and a gifting bar, this will be one shitty hang over worth having!

Hosted by Newtown’s most loved MC, PSmurf, with performance by the terrifyingly talented Alice Terry (Folk, Blues, Jazz), silky smooth singer Natalie Slade (Soul, hip hop), Super selekta DJ MIGZ (hiphop, DnB), Bangin’ local EDM producer Illumes, with DJ’s Forkstab (Jungle, DnB), MAYAGLD (GlitterBass), Lt’ KTB (Soul, Hiphop, Disco) and the maestro of creamy bass BFG (dubstep), we’re pretty sure we’ve got you covered for 1 good time.

Our casino will be in full form, featuring the infamous “Queen Cox Cup” vibrator race, fashions of the field contest, Roulette, Wheel of reward/punishment and one sloppy bar.

All proceeds will contribute to Star Shitty Casino’s expenses for the next burn, probably a stretch tent, and more stallions for the track.

Location will be emailed out prior to the event.

  1. Jarred T
  2. Darcy C
  3. George W
  4. Ella M
  5. Paul G