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Final Release Tickets go on sale Tuesday 18th October at 3:00pm

Final Release
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Tickets go on sale Tuesday 18th October at 3:00pm

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The highly anticipated and unanimously feared event of the year is nearly upon us once again. From the darkest pits of the underworld, Starfvckers Club hosts its first ever Grave Rave in its new home, adorned by its transparent panes and reflecting evil upon the surrounding waters of its ivory tower.

Join Starfvckers and Very Special Guests BANG GANG, STARFVCKERS and TRUMPDISCO (Full Line Up TBA) on a journey through your deepest fears and darkest desires in this very special evening of blood and gore.

Dress up essential. No Costume? No Rave!

This is the night of nights.

Fear yourself. ✞ ▽ ✞

▽ - W H E R E S Y D N E Y C O M E S 2 R A ▽ E.

  1. Lara L
  2. Natasha R
  3. Luke S
  4. Jasmine G
  5. Caleb H
  6. Alex N
  7. Carlos A
  8. Sarah K
  9. Laurance B
  10. Megan P
  11. Henry H
  12. Matthew M
  13. Daniel H
  14. Mathew S
  15. Karma W
  16. Rachel C
  17. Daniel N
  18. Estelle B
  19. Olivia S
  20. Claire W