State of Mind (Auckland)

Neck Of The Woods , Auckland [All Ages]

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After multiple shows across the globe and at home, State of Mind return to their home city of Auckland, to host another night of carnage at Neck of the Woods.
Never one to miss out on a party, their intrepid mic man, MC Woody joins them, alongside Hawkes Bay's BMC & LAZ MC, Quantum & Mittz.
These shows always sell out quickly and if you've been before, you know what chaos will ensue!

  1. Grayson H
  2. Petrina D
  3. Dan A
  4. Tom B
  5. Sacha K
  6. Courtney K
  7. Sue-Ann Y
  8. Dj M
  9. Tim L
  10. Lucy C
  11. Ethan P
  12. Maria D