Sub180 Selects: Jump Up

Ages 18+
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We are back with part two of Sub180 Selects series!!

This time we are bringing you JUMP UP!! 😈

Headlined by AC13 (UK) with special guest Crossy (UK) and a seriously stacked support line up this is not one to miss…. 🔥

Tickets go on sale Thursday 1st April at 5pm 😎

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Introducing AC13 (UK):

Undoubtedly the fastest rising star in recent years, Drum and bass producer AC13 is a name that has not left the lips of the community for the last 12 months.

The prosperous young producer swooped up two top three results at this years drum and bass awards, and trail-blazed his way through shows across eight different countries, Including multi date tours in New Zealand and Canada.

Introducing Crossy (UK):

Creating an international name for himself, Crossy is a talented producer and DJ who is known for his infinite amount of dubs and unreal mixing style. The Bristol based artist is now ready to make his mark on the NZ drum and bass scene.




  1. Levi S
  2. Quinn P
  3. Ethan C
  4. Reegan L
  5. Macy H
  6. Shene A
  7. Megan C
  8. James K
  9. Angela C
  10. Chris H
  11. Jessica G
  12. Shannon B
  13. Luke B
  14. Harry T
  15. Mitchell R
  16. K W
  17. Richie H