. Union Hall , Dunedin [Ages 18+]

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Final Froth: Sub Focus

Before you prep for those end-of-year exams, see the end of lectures off the right way...

Over the course of a 17-year career, Nick Douwma aka Sub Focus has risen through the ranks of the underground jungle to become a global dance music superstar. First building a reputation around air-punching, dancefloor-dismantling drum & bass, he now draws from all corners of the electronic landscape - epitomising the ‘anything goes’ mantra of today's scene.

Sub Focus

Tickets on sale from 3pm, Thursday 9 June

  1. Tom C
  2. Suphawan M
  3. Rosemary I
  4. Oliver M
  5. Zheng Wei L
  6. Ruby E
  7. Ryan W
  8. Emma N
  9. Bryn M
  10. Sam C
  11. Declan M
  12. Emma B
  13. Sade R
  14. Emily M
  15. Miro W