SuperNova - Psychedelic Sunday Session

Ages 18+
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NZ$ 17 (incl. fees)

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SUPERNOVA is a series of Psy Trance events based in Auckland City.

Light is a phenomena of expansion, it roams free trough space. When profound changes happen inside a star, a giant explosion occurs, a SUPERNOVA is born.
As humans, we are the living reflections of stars, our core is in constant evolution. When we embrace this internal growth, and let the doors of our hearts open this endless light bursts into our reality here and now.

Unfasten your seat-belt... On December 6 we'll be travelling in the speed of light, surfing on a spectrum of psychedelic music, from Chill Out to Psy trance. Come dance the universe with us. Let us SUPERNOVA our way into the future.

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- TERRA NINE (live act!)

- VJ Intelliki

Stay home and avoid attending a gathering of any size if you are:
- unwell
- a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19
- waiting for a COVID-19 test result
- self-isolating