Synergy Presents: Re:O & Bass

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⚡️ After a record-breaking sellout for our first event, we are back to present to you our SECOND SHOW on July 24th! ⚡️

With the intersemester break for UoA coming to a close on the weekend of the 24th, we feel that a HUGE Drum & Bass event is necessary to get you into gear for your studies next semester, which is why we have an absolutely stacked lineup of big and up & coming DJs in Auckland.


  • Witters
  • Hazey B2B Ben Shaw
  • Ruebik
  • Poris
  • Umbers
  • Daddylonglegs

A wizard on the DJ decks, and now an insane Drum & Bass producer - we are excited to bring you our headliner - Witters. With his first track “Align” taking over Spotify, and his second release “Calibrate” hitting the charts on the 17th of July, Witters is making his way up as one of New Zealand’s finest. Get ready some absolute filth dropped by this lad.

You can check out Witters’ social platforms and music here:

🎟 Tickets will be on sale on Monday 13th of July at 7PM. This is looking to be a guaranteed sellout, so make sure you get in early to score a ticket!

We look forward to seeing you at the event! 💥

  1. Jackson E
  2. Nicholas C
  3. Dave B
  4. Dylan R
  5. Nick C
  6. Bond R
  7. Sarah B
  8. Nadia M
  9. Harved N
  10. Matalina S
  11. Lisa M
  12. Tim L
  13. Rachel J
  14. Emma P
  15. Ben B
  16. Steven O
  17. Josh K