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Welcome to Tension10.

Over the last few years we've been crafting our party in to the special little community it has now become, and for #10 we're putting it all on the line to celebrate our biggest milestone yet.

We've made friends with strangers, ventured from the high seas through to open-air rooftops, pitch-black basements and defected suburban sheds.. All for one cause - music which makes us dance 'til dawn.

It's been a hell of a ride. Thanks for getting us here.

Tension10 is the new wave of Tension. Expect the unexpected. Experience our dream..

Featuring Beni | Horowitz | Playmode | Unknown Associates | Voyage IV | Diego Slim | Prismism | snilluM | Cold Club | Symphonik | Scoops | Clam Joust | Boutique | Nocturnal dolphin | Ryan Kerr


// tensioncrew

  1. Nathan S
  2. Olivia P
  3. Leo Z
  4. Elisapesi T
  5. Lauren R