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Sets from inside a kitchen, in front of a dance floor that looks like your living room.. With the addition of a crystal clear sound system, and a touch of outlandish decor.

Welcome to the Steam Room - a friday evening post-work discoteca.


MCLEAN & MAI [soundcloud.com/mcleanandmai]

SNILLUM [soundcloud.com/snillum]

LIKEWISE [soundcloud.com/likewisesyd]

SYMPHONIK [soundcloud.com/djsymphonik]



Ching-A-Lings. Friday 7th of April. 5pm-late.


Throughout the course of 2017, we'll be presenting a very special string of intimate, up close and personal shows. This is the first.

It’s back to the basics for us.. Tough music, in eccentric spaces, full of the like-minded contingent you'll always find at a Tension event!