Terrence & Phillip (AUS) | Dunedin

. Catacombs Nightclub , Dunedin [Ages 18+]

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After a monstrous set at Mayhem, Terrence and Phillip make a huge return to our shores on a 6 stop tour 😤

Let's show the aussies how we do it in Dunedin team.

Supported by an allstar lineup:




  1. Riley D
  2. Matthew E
  3. Stanley R
  4. Fran A
  5. Brooke W
  6. Jack H
  7. Natayla E
  8. Rogier K
  9. Paige S
  10. Connor C
  11. Kate Zsa-zsa Z
  12. Cale P
  13. Chandler H
  14. Michael L
  15. Thomas Lee S
  16. Ella W
  17. James H
  18. Jonathan T
  19. Sebastian G
  20. Ruby S