The Drum & Bass Massive Relaunch with Brigsy

Ages 18+
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We are excited to be back!

Now that life has improved in our blessed little country we are back and ready to hit the road of Drum & Bass Relaunch and also our Debut Auckland Show with Headliner BRIGSY!

Saturday 12th June at Pointers

Featuring a bunch of local legends

Freecell b2b Xray

Ominous Din




Early birds $10


BRIGSY. began his DJ career in early 2019 and was inducted to the DJ scene whilst travelling the UK. This was the catalyst which inspired his love for electronic music. Since returning to New Zealand, BRIGSY. has become a much loved drum & bass artist and personality who has made his mark as a formadle DJ in our flourishing music scene.

BRIGSY. Has had the amazing opportunity to support some of our biggest electronic artists and internationals. His support accolades include; The Upbeats, Flowidus, Gray, Crossy, Kelvin373, Montell2099, Enei, Pola & Bryson, Artificial Intelligence and Bou.

A man of the regions blessed with the common touch. A proficient selector and one of New Zealand's most exciting prospects of the ‘new school’ electronic artist.


Dreadnought is a DJ/Producer from New Zealand.

Since 2013 Dreadnought has produced 3 albums and has engineered over 100 original tracks. His authentic style includes hints of Nerofunk and Tech-Step and is inspired by artists Enei, Noisia, Goldie & Alex Perez to name a few.

Notable releases include:

‘Silicon’, a collab with Criminal Intent (Netherlands)

Dreadnoughts track ‘Lone Wolf’ (Akov remix) for the Brainshakaz label and ‘Prozac Nightmare’ also released on Brainshakaz.

Dreadnought is often found deep in the mix in the studio, ever-developing in style and sound or playing out in clubs and festivals in NZ such as Dimension and AUM.


Flecks, an eastside native is no stranger to twisting knobs, not only being a 140Dubz resident but supporting dubstep royalty, Pinch. With a big love for drum n bass flecks has achieved 2nd place in Auckland’s DnB Dojo, supported Benny Page & Deekline as well as performing at Dimension festivals 2020 & 2021.


Ominous Din (OD / Karl 😎 first discovered Drum & Bass in the 90s on the legendary mix
Dreamscape Vol. 2 – The Vision (1997). This experience kicked-off a two-decade love affair.
OD’s first production tool was an old PS1 game, Music. He then progressed to GarageBand,
Logic and now Ableton.
In the early 2000’s, under the pseudonym Sine Language, OD received air-time on Charlie B’s
(Optimus Gryme) show, Roll TV.

By the late 2010’s, a series of projects kicked-off the OD you see today, such as:

Home Bass Radio
Bass to the Future and DnB Dojo Competition
Dimension Festival 2019-2020 DnB Stage
BattleKatz NZ (DJ duo of OD and local legendary head, Katzbii (Mikey Lim))


xRay; the fashionably late gatecrasher DJ learning to mix at age 31 - has been a pest ever since.

With his USB and xRay hat equipped; he’s played at various clubs around Hamilton assisting radio shows and house parties for Noize Radio.

He opened the Noize RnV Stage (2017) and Hanger 2 (2019) gigs.

5 years later, as a lover of Drum n Bass, he can’t help but support the DnB Massive with its relaunch so they can bring the music to you.


playing gigs throughout New Zealand. He prefers to play vinyl and he is diverse with finding the niche of all genres of dance music with his bass fusion series “It’s all about that bass drop!” He has been resident DJ at bars and on Boosh FM and Fevah FM. He is a promoter of quality gigs and entertainment.
DJ Freecells new radioshow “The drum and bass massive” on Free FM is on every Friday night from 11 to 12am. It also broadcasts on Raglan FM 98.1 FM on Saturdays.
DJ Freecell promotes his own original electronic music mainly drum and bass, new releases on the premiere and an old school drum and bass track of the week. The song breakdown emphasizes how a song composition has been created by dissecting a song down to the beat, bass and melody. He calls out to all producers, promoters, DJs, musicians, and supports the NZ music industry through his brands and
DJ Freecell has worked with various people in the music entertainment industry from Andy Mac, Thane Kirby, Martin Marshall, Nigel Love, Paul Marr, Mandy Seuss and Richard Paterson to name a few.
He is very passionate about music. He started playing the guitar at the age of seven. His influences were Joe Satriani, Jimi Hendricks, Radio Hauraki, He later learnt various instruments such as the drums, bass, keyboard and the violin. Playing in many bands in Auckland DJ Freecell eventually bought some turntables and has been DJing for the last 16years. Director at The Massive and The Drum & Bass Massive, Freecell loves to keep the energy high in his performances with a versatile skill yo mix any genre mainly DNB.

Round up your crews for a Massive night of #DNB


  1. Dylan K
  2. Christian M
  3. Madeleine L
  4. Luke P
  5. Zac D
  6. Flynn C
  7. Ikko S
  8. Blake H