The Erotic Mother with Corry Vander Geest & Sia Hu Heka

Sunday, 15 March 2020, 1:00pm

Blue Lotus Sanctuary , Auckland [All Ages]

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Temple Night - Guest
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Temple Night is from 7 to 9pm. An opportunity to enter in the sacred temple and receive the transmission of the Goddess, activating your own codes of eroticism.

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An invocation of the eroticism that resides in the core of your being. The erotic mother is alive in all of us, whether you have a bared a child or not. It is a sacred archetype of the feminine wisdom. She is the one that will bring us unconditional self love, confidence, acceptance, compassion and so much shakti energy!

In ancient days the Temple was a space where women invoked the power of the Divine through dance, sacred practices & ceremony. The community would come to receive this transmission and to witness the sacredness of Spirit weaving through Matter.

Temple keepers & dancers would inspire, shift, uplift and activate those who were open to the Erotic Mystery of the Goddess.

The one day event is an activation of the Erotic Mother she who lives in you, its time to awkane and embody her through Sacred Dance, Ritual, Initiation & Ancient practices.

This workshop is for women who want to:

- Awake their FEMININE wisdom. Living in service to the Great Love.
- Connect with the Mysteries of Goddess.
- Learn about the power of Eros and reclaim your deep desires
- Embrace their highest potential and show up in this world from their Soul essence.
- Clear any blockages with sexuality and their body (emotional & physical).
- Merge Spirituality (Spirit) and Body (Matter).
- Becoming a channel for the Divine.

This work is deeply transformative and will facilitate a powerful journey inwards, while we can share the journey with the group.

This is an intensive space and we expect to host many breakthrough moments for people on their journey of self-discovery.
Your personal boundaries will be honored and nurtured at all times.

This Temple will lead to a TEMPLE NIGHT (from 7 to 9pm) where we will receive a group of selected witnesses to receive the transmission of the Goddess.


If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or [email protected]

We look forward to welcoming you ♥


Private instagram account: corry.vandergeest
Email: [email protected]

Corry is the walking emboiment of the Eroctic Mother. Connected to her whole body, and her desires she is setting fire to the idea that once we birth a child we can no longer show up in this brainwashed world as a sexually alive women. Reclaiming the definition of what it is to be sexy, Corry encourages people to love their bodies post baby, pre baby, with out baby. To just honor the magic that is ALL the female form.

Her passion for embodiment and dance runs very deep in her soul, you will always find her moving her hips, singing a song or growling like a lion on all fours. Wild and free, her journey with self discovery has been dark, erotic, playful and esstactic.

Over the last three years, Corry has been assisting and helping hold space for leading women that facilitate sacred work. Working closely with Sia Hu Heka, from Temple of the Goddess and Rani Michelle, from Dancing Eros and embodied Bliss. It has been an expansive journey so far and she now knows she is ready to step into a place of facilitation and bring forth her gifts to the world.

Let's get wild baby, SO excited to work with you.


Email: [email protected]

Sia Hu Heka is a Priestess, Midwife of the Soul, Dance Therapist, Humanity Lover, World Traveller, Space Holder, Ceremony Facilitator and Intuitive Singer.

Her gift is her embodiment of Truth, Power and Love.

Over the past ten years Sia has been working on her inner transformation attending deep programs on Conscious Sexuality, Emotional Freedom, Esoteric Teachings, Ancient Traditions Transmissions & Empowerment Spaces, uncovering patterns that were inhibiting her soul expression. She has been recoding her belief systems which has activated her true potential as a Human Being.

Her life has become an exploration of Openness, Clarity, Love and Surrender.

She is passionate about the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine, Ancient Civilizations, Esoteric Psychology & Astrology, Indian Tradition and Taoist Philosophy.
She is currently focus in bringing polarities into UNION. Working with Masculine & Feminine, Light & Dark, Ancient Traditions & Modern Society.

She has been touched and inspired by Bruce Lion, Mudra Griebel, Winter Jade Icely, Or Haleluya, Janine Ma-ree, Chantelle Raven, Leyola Antara and many others unfolded Souls.


“My home is my Heart. I travel the world sharing my soul, connecting and learning from everything and everyone. I have the ability to feel the land in every place I visit, becoming the embodiment expression of Her.
I love inspiring other souls like you to unhide yourself and allow your true nature to Rise and Blossom, trusting the power of your Intuition and weaving the magic of You into this life.

I feel honored to journey with you,




“As a man, I recently had the chance to participate at the first ever Temple of The Goddess open for both men and women, in Amsterdam, and I highly recommend you to live this fascinating experience under the guidance of the beautiful Sia.
For some time, I (finally) have the will to develop my spirituality, to awaken my conscience, to know me in depth and progress in my relationship to others. And this workshop was my first real experience in this universe that I only discover. To this jump into the unknown was added the not very obvious theme for a man to explore his femininity.
Being of a natural rather reserved and not very demonstrative in public, I arrived with my apprehension on one side, but above all a great open-mindedness and the desire to explore on the other side. And there, you see Sia, and you can not explain it but you know you're where you need to. She is one of those luminous beings who give you confidence and soothe you from the first moments. By words and her breathing, she defines a sacred circle in the temple space, a warm cocoon that will secure us and create unity among the participants.
Sia is very inspiring and reassuring to guide us through these exercises that make us clearly step out of our comfort zone. It is a deep dive into ourselves, to meet our primary instincts, our repressed emotions, our hidden fears.
I want to reassure men, being very clear on one point: To explore it’s own femininity does not mean to adopt an effeminate behavior or to disguise oneself in any way. There is no ambiguity on this and I was very comfortable with that.
This is where this workshop was a revelation for me. Until then, to overcome the difficulties in my life and continue to move forward, I always thought that I had to look far ahead of me, trying to forget my pains without a look for them.
And there, it's the opposite. We go down to the 4th basement to flush out our old demons and we go back to the surface to throw them on the ground, to look them face to face before burning them.
The foster fire of a new beginning. our positive feelings, such as femininity, seduction, can finally blossom fully.
I came with the desire to put my life in motion, I'm leaving full of the sacred movement of life.
Long will be my way, but I know that I am in the right direction.
Thank you Sia, little gem of the Pacific.
I wish you the best to develop many other temples around the world.”

“I recently attended the Kali goddess temple in Amsterdam. I had no idea what to expect and was a bit apprehensive in the beginning. However, Sia led the group through an amazingly inspiring and beautiful temple and I am so grateful I got to experience it! She has the ability to create and maintain a safe and sacred space, and I was able to explore different aspects of myself and learn a lot at the same time. I cannot wait to join another temple again!”

“I've been to the Temple of the Goddess for the first time, guided by Sia. Kali was full on but fortunately Sia already told me about it beforehand, which was really helpful. I feel so blessed and grateful for this experience and even more thankful to this wonderful woman, Sia. Her loving, caring and respectful, non-judgemental way of creating this sacred space is incredible. I can't really put into words how positive I feel about this day, this experience. An experience within myself, held, seen and heard by other beautiful women, sisters. I'm not feeling like another person, but I can feel new energy inside myself. Death and Rebirth brought me a step closer to be more, to express more and to feel more in an authentic way. All I can say is Thank you, thank you so so much, Sia. I can't wait to spread the message all around the globe.”

“As I go through life, I keep discovering parts of myself that I didn't know existed. I keep experiencing emotional qualities that I didn't know were possible. Sometimes, in order for me to discover a new part of myself or experience a new quality... I have to be around someone who is embodying this quality. Sia is deeply embodying an incredible raw power, untamed wildness, and pure sensuality. Just being around Sia in the Kali Temple, I had almost no choice but to experience aspects of my power, wildness, and sensuality that I hadn't yet experienced or embodied. She gave me (and others) the permission to let myself feel and express what is normally deeply buried within me. I am deeply grateful for my experience at the Kali Temple and for the shifts that I have seen since then. Thank you Sia Hu Heka!”