The MARDI GRAS 2019 Warm-Up Party

. Thames Street , Ohakune [Ages 18+]

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Hot Lava Ft. Home Brew
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Turoa Lodge Ft. T1r & Bad Manners
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Projection Room Ft. Sin's Disco
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Hot Lava Ft. Home Brew (Final Release)
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Sin's Disco (Final Release)
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Turoa Lodge Ft. T1r & Bad Manners (Final Release)
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Audiology presents:

The MARDI GRAS 2019 Warm-Up Party

The night before a sold out Mardi gras is always a big night, especially when you split the warm up party between 3 venues!

Choose between; Hip hop & Bass, Trap, or Disco & House.

Tickets are on sale Monday 7pm and never last long, so choose your venue and lock it in

Hot Lava ft. HOME BREW

+ TwentyTwo, Andy Currey & Tivy


Turoa Lodge ft. T1R & BAD MANNERS

+ Willy Mav &Ashez


Projection Room ft. SIN'S DISCO

+ Harry Martin, GetSet & DJ Swami


Check out the Multi-Venue Pass! 

Entry into all 3 venues. Super limited.


Set times

Hot Lava

10.00pm: Tivy

11.15pm: Home Brew

12.15am: TwentyTwo

1.30am: Andy Currey

Turoa Lodge

10.00pm: Willy Mav

11.30pm: Bad Manners

12.30am: T1R

2am: Ashez

Projection Room

10.00pm: DJ Swami

11.30pm: Harry Martin

12.30am: Sin

2am: GetSet

Thanks to Vapo, Burger King & Corona

  1. Keiran D
  2. Bronson W
  3. Jayden F
  4. Ryan P
  5. Joel H
  6. Kayla C
  7. Ryan E
  8. Kaitlyn H
  9. Adam P
  10. Brooke H
  11. Thomas W
  12. William M
  13. Andrew G
  14. Mark M
  15. Ash B
  16. Lana H
  17. Brett G
  18. Dylan C
  19. Alex R
  20. Shelbe S