The Mother: A Night of Nurture, Reconnection and Celebration

All Ages
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The Mother: A Night of Nurture, Reconnection and Celebration for Mothers, Mothers-to-be and daughters of Mothers.
We are all connected to the Mother in many different ways. Our physical Mother leaves a powerful imprint on our beings, we become Mother's to our children and the Earth Mother feeds and sustains us. However, the multi-tasking and deep intuitive pull to nourish and provide for others can blur our own need for nurture and connection, leaving us feeling depleted and out of touch with ourselves.

In ancient times, support and nourishment was considered extremely important for Mothers. Today, many Mothers work long hours, whilst raising children and running the household. There is too often too little time to listen in to our desires as Mothers. We run the risk of living on auto-pilot rather than from our heart; running on empty than from a place of abundance.

Join Sia Hu Heka and Nikki Rhodes as we celebrate the Mother Thursday 23rd May // 7:30-9:30pm // Soul Centre - Titirangi

**Event for women only

This evening will provide the chance for you to nourish, reconnect and celebrate the Mother within yourself through movement, breath, meditation, women's rites, rituals and heart-opening practices. This evening is for you to remember the Mother that lies within you and to nourish her desires to be celebrated and nourished in community with women.