Time Travelers Gala (Richmond, VA)

Ages 21+
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Admit 1 – Time Traveler
US$ 25 (excl. fees)

Includes admission for one (1) to Richmond's TIME TRAVELER'S GALA on Aug. 24th, 2024 (21+)

GREAT SCOTT!! Fellow freaks and time traveling geeks near Richmond, come take a trip through history with us on Aug. 24, 2024 as event producers Markster Con and DC Creators partner up for a party like no other!

Fuel up your DeLorean, locate your key for the TARDIS, dial in your Stargate coordinates or load into your own Time Machine contraption and join us for a wibbly wobbly, timey whimey good time via Richmond's TIME TRAVELERS GALA (21+) at the historic Hofheimer Building at the edge of Scott's Addition.

WHAT TO WEAR: Pay homage to your favorite decade or moment in time by dressing the part or travel even further back in time by representing another period of your picking - but most importantly wear your most comfortable dancing shoes as we take a spin through time, with sights and sounds only a true TIME TRAVEL enthusiast could appreciate. [ Cosplay / costumes are HIGHLY encouraged - but not required.]

This event will be like no other - as we jump through time to different music decades, all sure to keep the dance floor packed with the best hits known to our current time line. "Time jumps" will be complete with accompanying visuals and performances that will create an immersive experience.

Time Travel FANDOMS that inspired this event:

Back To The Future • Doctor Who • Stargate • Bill & Ted’s • Star Trek • SteamPunk • Terminator • Loki / Marvel • Quantum Leap ...and SO many more! Attendees are also invited to dress from a time period throughout history if not from a pop-culture movie/book/tv show!

Don’t be shy - strut your stuff and enter our Time Travelers Cosplay Contest, more info. coming on how to sign up while at the event. Open to both Time Travelers as well as cosplays/costumes from diff. time periods!

Wibbly Wobbly
1.21 Gigawatts
...more TBA



Details are still forming but for now get Aug. 24, 2024 on your geeky calendars - it's sure to be a wibbly wobbly good time!

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