Tokyo Prose - Common Room

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Hawkes Bass, Madcap & Ruffhouse present: Tokyo Prose at Common Room

Support from Levi (Wgtn) • Werq (Cleo) • A-Class

100% Proceeds raised will go towards the Hawkes Bay Community for ongoing cyclone recovery efforts - our little way to band together & help where we can. 

Special thanks to Big Noise Audio

TOKYO PROSE (The North Quarter, Soul:r, Samurai)

Sam Reed aka Tokyo Prose is the leading producer of liquid drum & bass in NZ. His music has been released on Soul:r, Samurai Music, Hospital Records and his most recent album “Wild Grace” was released on Lenzman’s emergent The North Quarter label. His music is regularly supported by many of the scenes biggest names including Calibre, Lenzman, Hybrid Minds, LSB, DJ Marky, London Elektricity and many more.
For a career of over ten years’, Tokyo Prose has a succinct and carefully managed back-catalogue of music. He has a deliberate, restrained, and soulful production style with a firm focus on musicality and groove.  Tokyo Prose started his career on Samurai Music with 2011’s 'Introducing Tokyo Prose’ EP that featured the breakout tune "Saving Grace”.  In the same year, Tokyo Prose with Fis went onto launch the Samurai Horo label including the track “The Truths” which featured on Forrest Swords’ 2018 DJ Kicks compilation.
In 2014 Tokyo Prose released his debut album ‘Presence’ on Samurai Music. ‘Presence’ marked the culmination of his musical exploration and evolution up until that point - encapsulating the soulful, emotive vibrancy of the Tokyo Prose sound, now fully formed and refined. The album included several features with DRS, Riya and Fox on vocals and Lenzman, Synkro and LSB on co-production.

Soon after saw his first feature on Marcus Intalex's hugely respected label Soul:R with 'Tell Me', on the 5th edition of the popular Fourfit series.

Tokyo Prose’s sophomore album on The North Quarter 'Wild Grace' delivered a masterclass in emotive musical storytelling. The project features some of his most sought-after works including the popular ‘Innate Motion’, ‘Trick of the Light’ and ‘Brilliant Corners’. ‘Innate Motion’ was also featured in Calibre’s BBC Essential Mix.

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