UP is UP 03 Feat. JPSXHOOVES, Kodiak Kid, Mamacita Bonnita, Nam +

All Ages
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Week 3: On the cusp of releasing their next single on the brand new The Operatives Label, JPSxHooves have put together a set of brand new music testament to both producers’ years spent as dance floor devastating DJs. Their influences swerve between the heavily assaulting bass more commonly found on a pirate radio station in the murky end of London, to the freeing swing of footwork in a warehouse party in Chicago, to the thundering drums that offer a flashback to a sweaty drum n’ bass rave in Melbourne. The impact that has been made on Melbourne’s underground Bass scene by Kodiak Kid is beyond measure. His passionate contributions to all aspects of the movement has seen him evolve and establish himself and his influence as a key element responsible for the direction and development of the city’s Bass culture via his forward thinking events company’ Whomp Music’. Artist and musician Mamacita Bonnita joins The Operatives Nam and Fresh Pick of the week: Night Dives from Singapore.