Yeah Nah Yeah #9

All Ages
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A$ 25 (excl. fees)

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It's time for another night in which we explore sound and colour in a safe space. All we ask of you is that you enjoy yourself as you join a flock of souls all looking to find a place to be themselves and do whatever they please.

So join us as we let go of our inhibitions for one night and succumb to desire. Enter a space of complete and utter bliss in which all we ask of you is to relax, be yourself and have a good time.

Yeah Nah Yeah presents to you party number NINE - a journey to a WINTER WONDERLAND like no other... The fire will be crackling, the beers will be warm and the company will be like no other.


Luen Jacobs

Bin Juice (live)

J Dejaan


Zak Tilley

Fury Glanville

Tess Vincent + Morus Quin (live)

Alessio De Vecchi (Japan)


  1. Jemma M
  2. Lou W
  3. Zara D
  4. Jordan L
  5. Sinead M