‎YOT Club‎ |State of Mind, MC Woody + More

Saturday, 8 February 2020, 8:30pm

Yot club , Raglan [All Ages]

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State of Mind are the Drum and Bass Duo consisting of Stu Maxwell and Patrick"Blue Steel" Hawkins. Straight out of......Epsom ...these 2 started releasing music in 2004, and have stayed at the Apex of the Drum and Bass world ever since. Patrick's influence on Drum and Bass bogans facial styling has been pronounced with hundreds of thousands of Eastern European men(and quite a few ex elite Female Athletes) now sporting Pats signature look, now known globally as "The Sweaty Pipi". Patrick's recent confession in Woman's Day that he owes it all to Trei has done little to spoil his cult like status. Expect a monster show at one of State of Minds favorite venues. MC Woody will be in the house, wearing his Big Boy undies. Which may be a little er "soiled" as it is his birthday the day before..Limited release 20$ tickets from ticket fairy..

  1. Beren A
  2. Angus E
  3. Griffin T
  4. Holly B