Get to Know Anjana, Singer-Songwriter From Chennai

The latest addition to Chennai’s effervescent independent music scene is 19-year-old Anjana who released her debut single ‘Thedi Thedi’ in June of this year. Hailing from a family of music enthusiasts and musicians, Anjana was ushered into the world of music at a very young age. She is a trained Carnatic vocalist, self-taught Western vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. 

‘Thedi Thedi’ is a Tamil-English indie synth-pop song with a tinge of ‘dreamy vibe’ to it. It is about one’s journey towards self-discovery with added elements of frustration, anger, being lost and a little hope that one feels in their daily life.

“I usually note down my thoughts on my phone. After releasing the song, I found a one-year-old note about the same theme which was quite surprising. I feel like this song was destined for me,” Anjana reflects.

The Ticket Fairy spoke to Anjana about her debut track, inspirations, experiences as an independent artist and more!



THE TICKET FAIRY: What was the inspiration behind Thedi Thedi’ and how did you land on the decision to write a bilingual track?

While writing songs, I usually take inspiration from my personal experiences, friends, family and sometimes from my idols. Talking about idols, I am a hardcore Army (BTS fan) and they are my biggest inspiration ever. They work so hard and seeing that made me want to work hard towards my music and releasing them. 

Usually, K-pop songs are bilingual (Korean and English). And so as a K-pop fan, I was aware of the impact it had. That was my inspiration and I also wanted my song to reach more people. 


Could you share the experience of working on your debut track as an independent artist?

I am actually quite new to both the indie music scene as well as the Chennai music scene since I lived in Coimbatore more than I have in Chennai. So, it was quite difficult at first to understand the whole scenario and how everything works. I did my little research, talked to some friends and one such good friend helped me find my producer, Sanjeevi Easwar. I contacted him the same day and we started working on the song immediately. He also helped me with sorting out a lot of other details other than producing. The song would’ve been impossible if not for the most amazing and the kindest people around me who were always willing to help and support me.

You’ve been posting covers on Instagram for almost a year now, what made you conceptualize and create an original track? 

Posting covers has helped me find my voice, my strengths and weaknesses (I’m still in the process of finding them). I always fantasized about writing songs and how it would be to create something new completely out of our own imagination. So, one fine evening, destined to write a song, I sat down, used some of my Carnatic music knowledge and wrote a song in two hours, based on a raga called Reeti Gowla. I really liked it and that further encouraged me to write more songs. 

Coming to conceptualizing, I want to heal and inspire people through my music (again taking inspiration from my idols, especially BTS and Demi Lovato). I also felt that there aren’t many songs, especially in Tamil, that talk about mental health or self-love. Hence, I wanted to write songs about themes other than love/romance. 


Tell us what got you into music? 

Born into a family of music-lovers (and a few musicians), I listened to a lot of music and that too of different genres. When I was around four years old, people around me thought that I was quite good at singing and I have been attending classes since then. I started training in Carnatic vocals after taking part in the TV reality show – Super Singer Junior 3. I am really thankful to my guru, Mrs Vijeyajaya, who helped me shape my voice, encouraged and trained me as a musician.

As a 15-year-old, I started a music band for my school’s fest, which got me into practising western music. I started learning the keys immediately and guitar, a year later. As a musician, I feel that inspiration and that one spark is all we need to start working passionately. (Well, only if you are lazy like me!)


Upcoming projects in the pipeline? 

I am writing songs every now and then and I would really like you all to listen to them! It is always exciting to bring something new to the table! My next track would probably be in English!


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